Regulation (REG) is one of the four sections of the CPA exam. I am sure this is already in your knowledge since the day you decided to take the CPA exam. You may also have started your preparations with the best CPA tutoring, but here we have some brilliant tips to make your way to passing the REG section easier and ensured. 

The REG test covers a wide range of topics, including federal taxation, company law, and ethics. Furthermore, you must ensure that you are studying current knowledge because rules and regulations are modified yearly.

It should come as no surprise that developing a good strategy to study is crucial to passing the REG CPA exam. But there are a few more things you need to understand for passing the REG section of the CPA exam.

Build a Powerful Memory 

In the REG exam, the 25% – 35% portion of the test will evaluate your ability to retain and understand learned concepts, while 35%-45% will assess your ability to apply those recollected principles. It means, memorizing is very critical for the REG CPA exam.

Making a connection between the new information and something you already know, getting enough sleep and exercising (yes, these help with memorization), writing out the principles, practicing sample questions, and, most importantly, repeating your memorization practice are some techniques you can use to improve your memory.

Don’t Entangle in Operational vs. Pretest Questions

Do not attempt to speculate which questions are operational and which are pretest questions. Yes, operational questions count toward your exam score, and pretest questions do not; but you cannot differentiate and decide whether to skip a question is a waste of time. Give each question your best shot, and keep in mind that incorrect responses do not count against you. Don’t leave any questions blank.

Find Updated Materials

REG syllabus is constantly updated to include new rules and regulations, so you should be sure of studying the most up-to-date material. You may guarantee your materials are up-to-date by studying the REG CPA Blueprint or signing up for the best CPA tutoring course that keeps tuning in with recent updates. 


Take Practice Tests

Because the REG exam demands extensive memorization and application, practice tests are an excellent tool to assess what you have learned and what you don’t. These will also help in honing your time management skills and being familiar with the various question formats. You can join Andrew Katz CPA Tutoring to start taking practice exams.  

Keep Yourself Up 

Don’t risk your success by ignoring to take care of your fundamental necessities when preparing for the CPA exam. You will have to make sacrifices, but not at the cost of your self-care. To ensure your success as a CPA, ensure you remain hydrated, eat well, exercise, and get enough sleep. You can pass the CPA exam without working yourself to exhaustion—you’ve got this!

In Conclusion 

For more guidance on passing the REG section of the CPA exam, sign up for Andrew Katz Tutoring. They are the best CPA tutoring in town, offering online classes through private or group sessions. Here you will get personalized assistance in creating a study plan along with practice tests and valuable resources.