About Us

Andrew Katz, CPA is here to help you

successfully complete the CPA exam.


Andrew is a graduate of the New York University Stern School of Business, where he received both his Bachelors degree in Accounting and Finance summa cum laude and his Masters degree in Accounting. He previously worked in the Transaction Advisory Services Group of PwC CMAAS doing carve-outs and GAAP readiness projects. He currently works at Friedman LLP in the Real Estate Auditing Group, which specializes in auditing large real estate investment funds. While at Friedman, he has also done work in the Forensic Litigation and Valuation Services/Transaction Services group dealing with litigation damage support and M&A transactions.

Andrew strives to bring out the best in his students to help them achieve success. After passing all four parts of the CPA Exam with an average of 90 on his first attempt, his goal has been to make the process easier for candidates. He employs a comprehensive process that starts with the creation of a study plan based on the needs of the student. During scheduled sessions, trending multiple choice questions and simulations will be reviewed and key concepts will be emphasized to help students master the material for the CPA exam. Andrew has tutored more than 100 candidates for all four sections of the CPA exam. He has achieved success with many candidates who have passed with scores as high as 93 (FAR, AUD, REG and BEC).