What Are People Saying About Us 


Rachel Rudy

Very knowledgeable and explains things in different ways until you understand the concept. Helped me a lot with studying for my CPA and works with you on when to sit for a session. I thought online tutoring was going to be tough but it really isn’t, actually a lot easier.

Jordan Anderson

Andrew helped me study for BEC and I am so grateful for him! His enthusiasm mixed with his great knowledge of the material makes his tutoring sessions so enjoyable. He truly helps you increase your confidence for exam day. So glad I found him!

Cole Siders

 Review: Andrew is very knowledgeable on all topics and is able to explain any questions you have in detail. This really helped me fully grasp the topics I continually was missing. I would highly recommend utilizing his knowledge to help you pass the CPA exams!

Kandus Lee

Andrew has tutored me through master’s level accounting. His kind and patient tutoring skills helped me excel and pass all of my courses. I recommend him to anyone who may be in need of some additional help.

Ty Lyons

Andrew is a dedicated, hardworking tutor who is there for you every step of the way. He has helped immensely in CPA exam preparation. Would recommend.

Samantha Carter

Andrew K is hardworking and really helped me a lot with my CPA Prep. He kept me on my toes and made sure I went over the heavily tested material for the CPA. I am looking forward to Andrew helping me with other exam prep.

Kacy Martin

I failed the REG exam once and was having a hard time organizing my study habits to be able to focus on my weaker areas. Andrew has helped me really me be able to drill down on those areas where I needed more help and has assisted me in gaining full understanding of these areas and many more! He has really been the tool I needed to get this section to click. Before Andrew, I felt like I was just winging it! He has given me structure and guidance through the whole process.

Shaya Badie

Andrew is the most dedicated tutor I’ve ever worked with. He truly cares about achieving your goals. He’s patient and very knowledgeable. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a coach/tutor.

Suzanna D.

Andrew is a dedicated tutor who is very organized. He can be relied upon to keep scheduled appointments and respond to text messages. I recommend him to anybody that needs help with motivation and accountability.

Grant Robinson

Andrew helped immensely in passing my CPA exams. I appreciated his work ethic and availability whenever I needed it. Andrew was also flexible with the timing of our tutoring sessions and extremely responsive when any changes needed to be made. I don’t think I would have been able to pass without his help.

Laura Meritt

Andrew was great! Even with a tight deadline he helped me pass REG with an 81. As soon as we began working together, he put my worries at ease. He was efficient, professional, and enjoyable to work with. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for any degree of help, as his skill set is suitable for any student.

Craig Simmons

Andrew is very knowledgeable on the subject matter of the CPA Exams, and he has helped me so far pass one CPA Exam after a recent failure. Andrew is very punctual with meetings and confirms the day of every session, understands when a candidate is prepared for an exam and knows what is needed to pass each exam.

Noah Gilman

Andrew is a great tutor. I took REG and did not pass the first time. He is very knowledgeable about the subject and can explain things very thoroughly. The best part is he knows the subjects that are more likely to show up on the exam so you can focus on the most important parts. After 1.5 hours week for 6 weeks with Andrew, I got a 87.

Jake Ramey

Working with Andrew made working towards my CPA much easier. He is knowledgeable in the subject matter and knows how to explain the information in a way that is easy to grasp for students. He is easy to contact and always responds quickly. I would recommend him to anyone working towards their CPA.

Emmett Fraley

Andrew is great at what he does! Not only does he help you understand the material on a deeper level, but he also develops his candidates’ confidence going into the test. I am extremely happy that I started getting tutored from Andrew. I recommend him to anyone that is going through the CPA Exam that might be struggling.

Ebrahim Dadabhoy

Andrew has an excellent knowledge of the CPA exam and understanding. If there is a topic that one is struggling with, he can better explain it than even Becker. I have been using Andrew as a tutor/coach for about a month, since that time I have increased my studying time by 30 to 40%. In addition, I enjoy working on simulations and it’s a walk in the park to do 50 plus mcq's. What’s more refreshing is being able to discuss the technical aspects of Pensions, Inventory, and so on. I highly recommend Andrew K.

Eleanor Bretherton

Andrew is a genius! He has already helped me so much with studying for FAR (I passed BEC and AUD previously). I was using a different study program and he recommended I switch to Becker, which has made a huge difference. He is available for questions when I need help and knows the Becker material backwards and forwards. I can bring up a random question and he will be familiar with it, explain why it is confusing, and go through the thought process of getting the right answer. An hour session flies by! I would seriously recommend Andrew.

Megan Smith

Working with Andrew has changed my entire outlook of tutoring. He's amazing! I never thought remote tutoring could work. I've tried working with a few in-person and remotely and was getting completely discouraged. However, then came Andrew. He was extremely organized and hands-on. He had a plan before I even had to come up with one. I could tell he cared instantly! His knowledge of the material combined with his experience tutoring others is priceless. Definitely the best out there in my book!

Ben Weinstock

Andrew was very patient with helping me understand concepts, and expertly guided me through problem solving. He is attentive to the guidelines of the course I took, while also creative in developing the best strategy to attain a high grade and retain material. I highly recommend Andrew if you are looking for help with accounting.

Maria Augustine

Andrew has just started helping me with my CPA exam prep and has been nothing but a pleasure. He is available 24/7 for questions and I already feel so much more prepared for my exam since I started using him. I would highly recommend Andrew to anyone getting ready to sit for the CPA exam.

Christiana Ometu

Andrew was the first person to have the knowledge to help me in my first financial accounting course at the graduate level. He is committed and passionate about this field and wants all his students to succeed. Looking forward to working with him in the future, especially when I decide to sit for the CPA.

Ashlee Durham

Andrew is an amazing tutor; I love working with him! He’s always quick to respond and is so caring. He always makes sure that I understand everything we go over and has taught me so much. I recommend using him as your tutor he won’t disappoint!!

Riley Higgins

Andrew has been extremely helpful in helping me come closer to passing the FAR CPA exam. He is amazing at breaking concepts down and explaining things in a way that is quick and easy to understand. I would recommend him to anyone that is trying to pass any part of the exam.

Samir Kouhestani

Andrew is a great tutor. He is easy to work with and he’s always helpful. He’s an expert at accounting and he helped me a lot with the material that I was having trouble with.

Jordan Duke

Andrew K has been a tremendous help with my Accounting work. He is extremely professional and truly cares about his student's success inside and outside of each tutoring session. He will hold students accountable for their work and put in the time on his end to make sure you leave each session confident and prepared for any academic or work challenge you come to him with.

Alex Amela

Andrew teaching me audit has helped especially in the areas I get stuck. I’m able to approach questions more carefully and intelligently since I’m able to fully understand the nuances of audit. I highly recommend Andrew for helping you pass the CPA exam. He's driven to cover all aspects of the CPA exam and will work with you as you achieve your passing scores.

Michael Middlebrook   

I started my CPA journey struggling with Audit and then I eventually determined that I needed to acquire a tutor. I started with Andrew in March 2020 after several failed CPA attempts. He and I determined my weaker areas and determined study plans to help me pass Audit soon after. I continued on with having Andrew help me figure out a week-to-week plan on how I would best study and learn the FAR and REG material while working full time. Andrew’s patience and knowledge of accounting helped me gain the confidence that I needed to recently pass my last exam. Although I am happy that I am officially done, I am so glad that I was able to work with Andrew and I highly recommend his tutoring services to anyone struggling with the exams or those who want to figure out the best way to study.

Shimon Niren

Andrew helped prepare me to retake my BEC exam. He helped me create a personalized study plan to focus on the areas that I needed the most help with. Andrew has his finger on the pulse in terms of what subjects the AICPA is looking to test. Definitely recommended.

Joseph Dorrian

Andrew is a very organized and intelligent tutor. With a combination of real world experience, proper education, and tutor experience he is a perfect fit for a one on one tutor. I currently have Andrew as a tutor for my CPA Exam process and he certainly has not disappointed. Andrew manages a wide range of students and still manages to make up time to answer all questions regardless in session or out in a timely manner. In addition, to high quality tutor skill the rate that is charged is very manageable compared to most and he will work with you if there are financial troubles in your life. I highly recommend Andrew as a tutor.

Giana Bello

Andrew has been helping me study for the past 4 weeks in order for me to prepare for my FAR exam. He has been extremely patient and understanding of how hard this exam might be for some people. His capabilities to guide me through each topic has been really helpful, and I feel more confident after every session. I can tell that Andrew has a passion for teaching because he really cares how you’re doing and shows it. If you are struggling with any part of the CPA exam, I would highly recommend Andrew as your go-to tutor. I look forward to using Andrew for my other CPA exams as well - thanks, Andrew!!

Selina DiMercurio

Andrew tutored me for the CPA Exam Prep - REG. This section was my weakest area of all 4 CPA exams. I started tutoring with him after attempting on my own and failing twice. He is without a doubt the best of the best! He pushed me beyond my comfort zone in order for me to pass and he is invested in seeing me succeed. He is extremely knowledgeable of the material and is always available for any questions I may have. He is great at identifying your weak areas and drilling on those sections. He has also helped me through a lot of my testing anxiety. I'm very grateful for him and I highly recommend him! 10/10

Kevin Koske

I am using Andrew as a CPA tutor for the FAR Section of the CPA exam. He has been amazing, and I feel extremely confident in my ability to pass the exam. Andrew is very organized and always takes the time to explain any questions I may have even if that question comes in the middle of the week not during our scheduled tutoring time. Andrew's knowledge of the material is outstanding and provides great strategies personalized for me to help me succeed. I definitely would recommend Andrew to any CPA candidates who are struggling to pass the exam and need some help getting over the top to reach that passing score of a 75.

Annie Rodney

 Andrew has been an extremely helpful tutor so far in my CPA journey. He is always available and will make sure to fit me in for a session whenever he can. Andrew explains concepts in different ways, so it is easier to understand. He is extremely patient and will explain concepts multiple times until understood. He also gives great study tips and what to work on weekly, so the material stays fresh. I was extremely nervous to start studying alone and now that I am 3 weeks away from my first exam, I don’t think I would be as confident as I am that I’ll pass. I seriously don’t know what I would do without him.

Jen Crowther

Andrew is a blessing and I'm truly grateful to have him as my tutor for my CPA Exam. I'm currently studying for the BEC section of the exam. Andrew explains difficult concepts at ease and is very patient. He also provides helpful tips that are helping me as I prepare to sit for my exam. Each week I am seeing improvements and progress by using the tips he provided to me. I feel more confident than I did before, and I am looking forward to preparing and dominating my exams!

Nick Crocco

Andrew is the best CPA Exam Prep tutor out there! He is very knowledgeable when it comes to accounting. He can see where you are struggling and can really break down those tough topics that you struggle with. He also really makes sure you understand the topic completely before moving on which is great. Andrew is very personable and outgoing which makes our tutoring sessions fun and interesting. Overall, he is an amazing tutor, and I would recommend him to anyone who is trying to pass the CPA Exam.

Chooka Weiss

Andrew was extremely helpful while I was preparing for my FAR exam. He helped me to increase my testing score by 30% to pass the exam. He is very relatable and easy to connect with. He also understands that people work at different paces and prefer to study at different times. I would suggest Andrew to anyone that is willing to work with someone who really enjoys tutoring for the CPA exam and makes sure you're prepared for the exam before you take it. Overall, 10/10 and will use again to complete the next section of my exams. 

Thomas Bogen

My FAR CPA journey has been rocky until I met Andrew. Andrew has actually made studying more enjoyable. He gave me direction, motivation, and most importantly a plan. He’s been a very valuable resource and I honestly don’t know where I would be without him. In FAR alone, he helped increase my score over 25 points. He picked me up during my lowest of points and kept me levelheaded during my highs. I owe all my success of FAR to Andrew. Onto audit next...

Dominique Cagno

Before starting tutoring with Andrew, I studied for the CPA Exam for a year before passing any parts. I felt super discouraged to keep going. Now that I meet with Andrew on a regular basis, he helps explain concepts to me in an easier way for me to understand- which helps them stick in my head for the long run and helps keep me in a positive mindset and encourages me to keep trying my best. 10/10 recommend!!!

Mike Mello

 My only exam without Andrew was a complete disaster. One exam with him and I went up 30+ points. He guides you through this tough experience with help for the questions and prepares you to be mentally ready for anything the test can throw at you. He has so much knowledge on the CPA but also the accounting and finance world! He will answer any and all questions you have and is always there for you. I highly recommend using him right away and save yourself the regret of trying without him.

Teela Watts

I have been tutoring with Andrew now for 4 months in preparation for the CPA Exams. I took multiple sections multiple times but could never get the passing score that I needed. With Andrew’s help, I have successfully passed 2 of the sections within the last 3 months! He forces you to work on areas that are hard, and that you would normally skip over because they aren’t “fun”. He takes the time to explain difficult areas and really makes sure you understand something before moving on. He truly cares about the success of his students and wants them to succeed. Having him believe that you can do it helps YOU believe that you can do it, and sometimes that’s half the battle! I highly recommend Andrew to help navigate the difficult road to become a CPA!

Vicky Salazar

Before I started with Andrew, I had tested for FAR and AUDIT between 2017 and 2019 without success. Fast forward to 2021, I started googling for tutors and came across MyGuru which assigned me to him. I recently tested FAR and passed. Andrew was very helpful at organizing the weekly goals and if he saw that I needed more time, we would review those topics twice before continuing to the next lesson. When going over MCQs, it really helped me explain out loud why I was choosing the answer, and if I was wrong, then he would explain how to work on that particular question. It has been a long journey for me to pass FAR, but thanks to Andrew I feel more confident and motivated to continue with the CPA journey and crushing the rest of the exams!

Kate Mullen

Review- Andrew is always willing to work with my schedule to fit in my tutoring time. He is very prompt and gives me the full time scheduled for. Whenever I am unsure of a concept or need further explanation, Andrew will take the time to make sure I understand, I really appreciate that. He also encourages me when I have particularly good sessions. I have been meeting with Andrew weekly and sometimes twice a week and doing so holds me accountable for my own studies. Andrew is the best tutor, I highly recommend!!

Emann Elnashar

Andrew is an outstanding CPA tutor and mentor.  He explains complex concepts in simple terms so everyone can understand. He focuses on the most important topics on the Exam and makes sure you are prepared. He helped me create a personalized study plan to focus on my weak areas. I feel extremely confident that I will pass Audit this time. He's available 24/7 to answer my questions or just to motivated me. I would highly recommend Andrew to anyone trying to pass the CPA Exam. 

Jocelyn Schneider

Andrew has been a very helpful instructor! I struggled for months before I started studying with him, failing REG on multiple attempts. Once I started with Andrew, he helped me utilize my study time much more efficiently and held me accountable each week. He is flexible with scheduling and very professional. I passed FAR and BEC on the first try after meeting with him once a week for about 4 months. My only regret is that I didn’t start studying with him sooner!

Margaret P.

Andrew was extremely knowledgeable and helpful to me during my sessions with him. He is consistency punctual, professional in our sessions, and responsive with scheduling. He was caring in understanding what I needed to improve on and took a personalized approach for me to help me improve these weak areas. I cannot thank him enough for making preparation for the CPA Exam process easier for me.

Sally Nobling

A trusted friend recommended Andrew as a tutor, so I took a chance. Looking back, I’m so happy I did. Andrew works through challenging concepts with me and holds me accountable. His explanations make much more sense than most lectures and he has given me excellent study and exam-taking strategies. Working with Andrew has made me confident to take on my weak areas and tackle FAR.

Crissy Comeaux

Hi Andrew-Just wanted to thank you for helping me pass my FAR retake in less than 2 weeks. You brought my score up significantly and saved me from losing credit for one of my sections. Thank you for helping me come up with a retake strategy and for your comprehensive sim review. It was incredibly helpful as I prepared for FAR. Very happy to say I am done with these exams! I’ll reach out soon so you can help me redo my LinkedIn.

Nora McCaun

 After not passing FAR with a 62 I decided it was time to get some help. I met with Andrew once a week to go over each chapter until it was time to take the exam. We talked over most of the topics and emphasized my weak areas. With studying and working full time it was nice to have someone that can hold you accountable. After multiple sessions I took FAR and passed with an 81. I still can’t believe it! Thanks Andrew.

Divya Srinivas

Andrew is a great tutor!! After not passing FAR 3 times, I decided to start getting tutored by Andrew and I ended up passing after that! He really targets your weak areas, explains topics really well and is really patient. He made me feel very comfortable right off the bat and was able to answer any and all of my questions. He’s super encouraging and I highly recommend him! I will definitely be using him for my next 3 exams!

Jake Schear

Andrew helped me master some difficult concepts in FAR and made me feel more prepared exam day. He also helped me feel well prepared for REG. I would highly recommend him if you’re struggling to pass he will definitely help you boost your scores on any section! I was finally able to pass FAR on the fourth try after failing 3 times with Andrew’s guidance and tutoring.

Gisell Negrete

Andrew is immensely knowledgeable of the many areas of accounting [and more]. He has helped me gain an in-depth understanding of some of the most complex sections of financial accounting. He goes above and beyond, he gathers as much information as he can prior to each lesson, to render the student with a beneficiary set of information and answers to questions. His presentation of the material is eloquently executed. His response time is amazingly fast.

Manraj Sahi

As I finally decided to seriously start studying for the exam and realizing I needed someone to help and guide me through the process, Andrew has met every expectation and gone even further than I expected. We are currently studying for FAR and his patience and detailed explanations have helped me be able to understand concepts that I would have struggled to study with on my own. Andrew's vast knowledge of the CPA exam into what trends and concepts should be understood has helped me focus on areas that I would not have previously spent too much time focusing on. His open personality and willingness to be flexible in how to explain concepts both visually and verbally has made me feel comfortable to use Andrew to pass all 4 parts of the CPA exam.

Allison Walsh

Andrew-I am extremely grateful for your help on BEC. I reached out to you one week before my test date after three 74s. My FAR credit was about to roll off the following week and you were able to get me off the waitlist. I still cannot believe after only 2.5 hours with you, my score increased from a 74 to an 82. My only regret is that I had not reached out sooner. You are amazing!!

Carlee Williams

 Andrew has been a tremendous help to me thus far in my CPA journey! Before I met Andrew, I had a hard time getting through FAR material and coming up with the proper game plan for learning the FAR material. I gave up hope of passing! However, since I have been studying with Andrew, that mindset of mine has changed tremendously.  He holds me accountable and keeps me motivated by setting up daily check ins, if needed. I couldn’t ask for a better tutor. Andrew has given me the hope and confidence I need to pass the CPA exam. I will be studying with Andrew for all four parts of the exam and I recommend him to all CPA candidates!

Joseph Chiappetta

Andrew was able to help me out in a short amount of time and worked around my schedule. I had struggled with audit all summer and had a little over a month to pass both audit and regulation. Andrew met with me late at night and even took off for me from his job to go over certain areas I struggled with. I can confidently say without his help, I would still be struggling with the audit section of the CPA exam. I recommend him to anyone who is struggling to understand where they struggle with the exam or anyone looking to get those extra few points to pass.

Ryan O'Hagan

CPA Review: Andrew is extremely knowledgeable and has been able to walk through various situations with me to give me a much better understanding of the topics. He is very personable and outgoing which makes the tutoring sessions much more enjoyable. He will hold you accountable and really keep you on track with your studying. In terms of comparability in pricing for the services Andrew is the best option out there. He truly wants to help his students pass the exam and get the best score possible. I recommend Andrew to be your CPA tutor if you want to pass on your first try!


Josh Rosenstock

—A great tutor all around—

Andrew is an excellent tutor!! He is not only brilliant when it comes to CPA prep, but he is also very accommodating and was able to work around my busy schedule. He is extremely patient and compassionate and took the time to go over practically every practice problem in a way that truly resonated with me. If you are looking for someone to put a good game plan in place and help you to understand the difficult topics, then Andrew is the tutor for you. I highly recommend Andrew for CPA exam tutoring, and I will continue to use him for future exams.

Caroline Owens

Not a lot of people understand how stressful and encompassing the CPA process is. I needed someone who would constantly be available to support me throughout the process and was knowledgeable enough to answer a million different questions on a wide variety of topics. I utilize Andrew during my review stage, and he keeps me grounded, motivated, and helps clear up a lot of gray areas which go such a long way in my understanding of the rigorous content. I am halfway through the CPA process and will continue to use Andrew

Grey Bethune

Andrew was a tremendous asset to my studying journey for the CPA exams. He is a patient person, with a thorough understanding of the material and valuable perspective. I appreciated his ability to hold me accountable and structure my study routine to work with my schedule. Most importantly, he cares and believes in his students which makes all the difference towards a candidate’s confidence and successes on test day


Jessica Colombo

I could not get through this process without Andrew. Since our first session, he has given me the utmost confidence and has assured me I have what it takes to pass this test. He is extremely flexible and will accommodate you as best he can. He is also extremely honest and will tell you if you are ready or not. He genuinely wants you to be 110% ready and helps you obtain the tools, skills and knowledge to take on this test head on. I am so happy I came into contact with Andrew and look forward to our sessions every week! 

Melissa Maggitti

Andrew has been a lifesaver! There were multiple topics (Bonds, leases, income taxes) that I felt like I was never going to understand. But Andrew is able to explain each concept in a simple way that makes it feel easy. He knows how to solve every single practice question that pops up in Becker. Later, when I am studying by myself, I’m able to remember things we discussed and explanations he gave me. His hourly rate is more than reasonable for the quality of his tutoring.

Jennette Anderson

Andrew is seriously spectacular. I was honestly unsure about online tutoring at first because I had never done it before. Having no idea what I was doing before I met him, studying alone and preparing was immensely overwhelming. He gives great guidance on approaching the exam and how to feel more comfortable with taking it. He is a great boost of confidence in my abilities to pass and can give sound bite definitions if I don’t understand an explanation. He’s very personable, friendly, and brings an element of expertise that is truly unmatched.


Khin Khin Slone

Hi Andrew,

I would like to thank you for helping me with the CPA exams. You were very encouraging and honest with your assessments of my progress during the one-on-one study sessions. Your advice and feedback during the study sessions were very helpful and instrumental in passing those challenging CPA exams.

Tonya Brooks

Andrew had reached out so many times, and I ignored him as I am sure most would do. I was testing for Audit (my retake), and I said screw it let’s see what he can offer. We had only met a few times before the exam but he helped bridged the gap on some of the areas I was struggling with. I could honestly hear his voice during the test, and it helped so much.  I ended up getting a 78 on my retake, and I know it’s because of the assistance he provided. I will 100% be using for him for the rest of my exams. Thank you so much Andrew!

Briana Escobar

I was first introduced to Andrew through a CPA Candidate forum.  Little did I know what type of impact he would have on me. I had just started my CPA journey and I was scared, anxious, and hopeless on what was to come. But working with Andrew by my side has allowed me to transition from a fearful test taker to a confident, empowered, and eager one. He holds me accountable for my progress and pushes me to work harder and smarter. We practice different testing strategies, time management, and we follow a strict regimen every week. I am proud to announce that I no longer think the CPA exam is an impossible dream; I know I will have my certification in no time, and it is truly thanks to him. If you allow him too, he can do the same just for you.

Michelle Maxwell

Andrew was a game-changer when it came to my exam preparation. I failed each section 3-4 times and was really at a loss at what to do. I found him in the middle of my studying journey and passed FAR and BEC with his guidance. We met once a week leading up to each of my exams. I came prepared with questions, and we went over the trending topics and sims. After 2 years of this journey, I can finally say I am done with these exams. Andrew-you truly helped me through this process and got me to pass both in the final days leading to my REG credit expiring.

Michelle Hsiao

After struggling for years to pass the exams, I found myself in the exact same spot:  despondent and hopeless.  I met Andrew while I was trying to look for a tutor.  Unlike the other tutors, Andrew was the first to insist on having an interview with me to understand my goals and needs. I could tell instantly that he really cares about each candidate and customizes his approach. During each session, I am not only learning the technique on how to solve each question, but also learning the key takeaways and trending topics. We’ve prepared for both BEC and REG so far. Andrew has a vast amount of knowledge that easily surpasses any other tutor I have worked with.  100% the best. 

Mallory Neal

I was referred to Andrew by Darius Clark after I found out he was no longer doing private tutoring. I need assistance to prepare for FAR as I was in danger of losing my credit for AUD. Andrew was fantastic. We met once a week for 90 minutes for several weeks leading up to my exam. We did a comprehensive simulation review and went over trending topics such as nonmonetary exchanges, governmental accounting, consolidations, and bonds. With his guidance, I was able to master these topics very quickly. Andrew also provided a very effective study strategy and plan. He kept me accountable weekly. Fast forward, I’m done with my exams. I truly am grateful for his help!

Pavel Ramirez

My first time taking the CPA Exam, I tackled every method that would allow me to pass, but it wasn?t enough. I decided to change my way of studying by having Andrew guide me through a new process of learning. His methods worked extremely well, and I passed FAR with an 80 from a 67.  He has a brilliant strategy that he sets in place for his candidates and is a master at breaking down the most complex of topics. He is an exceptional tutor, and I will rely on him throughout my CPA journey.

Sean Willard

Andrew is a very understanding and knowledgeable tutor that adapts his tutoring and assistance based on your specific needs. After scoring between a 68-74 multiple times on audit, he was able to help break down the material in a way that helped push me over the edge. As this is a rigorous process in general, it’s great to have a sounding board to bounce study planning ideas and strategies off of!

Chris Oddo

Andrew is a great tutor and really helped me achieve success on FAR after only working with him for a couple weeks. I highly recommend working with him and I will certainly continue to work with Andrew through completion of the rest of the exams. He is very thorough in his approach and really makes sure you understand the material before moving forward.

Claudia Munoz

I was referred to Andrew by Darius Clark and was told he was the go-to tutor for the CPA. When I reached out to Andrew, he immediately made himself available to discuss what sections of the CPA I was struggling with. He helped me put together a plan that would work for both of us. Although, I had a very short timeframe to be done with all of the sections, he was willing to work with me and around our busy schedules to get some study time together. After passing two sections of the CPA with Andrew’s assistance, I can relate to many of you who are struggling emotionally, physically, and financially with all of the exam fees. But you can put an end to those struggles if you study with Andrew. I can tell you that his tutoring strategies are very effective. You will be able to practice many of the exam topics. His review sessions are targeted to each and every exam question – multiple choice or simulations. I highly recommend him as your CPA tutor.

Michelle Romano

Before I started with Andrew I dreaded and saw little hope in passing the CPA Exam. Andrew has an optimistic attitude that makes the lessons engaging. He assesses your learning style and teaches accordingly. When I was studying alone, I would read something over and over and still not grasp it. With Andrew I can ask questions and he explains it in different ways until I understand. Andrew is very knowledgeable on the exam; he knows the terminology and trends which is crucial for every CPA candidate. In today’s lesson we went over intangibles and R&D cost. There are a lot of different rules and key takeaways to remember with these topics. Andrew can explain these in a way that makes logical sense instead of just memorizing the rules. I plan to take FAR first. FAR is very overwhelming with lots of information. Andrew can condense the lessons while still making you understand the key take always. I would absolutely recommend Andrew if you are in need of CPA help!

Ella Stone

I started working with Andrew in 2021.  I had just taken my first CPA exam section, FAR, and realized that I was totally uninformed about the entire CPA exam process and the best approaches to studying.  I needed someone who could not only advise me about the overall process of the exam but could also help keep me accountable and on track with my preparation as I was feeling pretty defeated.

Andrew fulfilled both of those needs and more.  He is extremely effective at explaining the best test-taking strategies, such as time control on the exam, which subjects from the study materials are the most frequently tested, and how to best use your study materials to keep the information fresh in your mind.  When I needed him to explain topics in a way other than how my study course explained it, he was always able to teach me in a way that made sense to me. His experience also makes him aware of what areas students tend to struggle with the most, and he will help you plan you  study time so that you will be able to focus more intensely on
those topics.  Additionally, I appreciated Andrew’s flexibleness with meeting times.  During the time that I was in school and after I started working full time, he was always able to find times for us to meet that worked for both of us.  He was always professional, communicated well, and was a key component in helping me pass my CPA exams.  If you are struggling with the CPA exam process overall or are just feeling discouraged, I would strongly encourage you to work with Andrew.  He has worked with me along the way, and with his help, I’m now just one section (BEC) away from being done with the CPA exam.  It’s definitely a great feeling and worth the time and commitment! 93 on AUD and 87 on REG all thanks to you!

Vicky Prescott

I reached out to Andrew after failing BEC for the fourth time. I was starting to wonder if I would ever be able to pass that exam after receiving a 70, 71, 73, and 74. I was in the midst of busy season and knew I was going to have to retake the exam as soon as possible or wait and start over when work slowed down. I voiced my concerns with Andrew and he assured me that I could get there but we would need to be strategic given my hefty workload. I had major doubts given the amount of hours I was putting in at work already, but Andrew’s confidence in me pushed me to schedule another test and give it my best shot.

Andrew was able to fit me into his schedule that week, but he started helping me before we even had our first session. He held me accountable by assigning me practice tests and things to focus on before we met. He checked in with me frequently to make sure I was putting in the work and let me know that he was always available to answer questions - not just during our sessions. We had a few sessions during that two week period and they made a world of difference. He was flexible on meeting times and we met early in the morning before I began work. He goes above and beyond for his students by making himself available outside of working hours to tend to busy schedules. During our sessions Andrew was VERY patient with me. There were multiple times where I had to ask Andrew to explain a concept differently because I wasn’t getting it. He didn’t move forward until everything made sense to me and he really pushed me to improve on the SIMs because that was the area I was not scoring well on.

Andrew checked in with me on exam day before and after my exam. He showed he truly cared about my progress throughout the entire process. With Andrews help I was able to bring my score up 11 points in two weeks! I passed with an 85 after not being able to break 70-74 for months. I cannot say enough about Andrew. He is one of the most genuine people I know and really enjoys helping others. He is a wealth of knowledge and knows the ins and outs of all the CPA exam topics. I never thought I was going to pass BEC let alone score in the 80s. I highly recommend going to Andrew if you are struggling with these exams because he will do everything he can to help you get them passed!

Lisa Sana

As a student whose native language is not English, I was concerned about not being able to pass the CPA Exam. Luckily, I was able to find Andrew. During our BEC studying, he explains each concept in depth by breaking it down into small pieces. He also assists me in developing comprehensive study materials. His response time for answering questions is instantaneous and he is extremely qualified in preparing candidates for the exam. He really cares about his students and spends hours with us every week to make sure we are on track with his accountability calls and gives us HW with detailed solutions and practice essays. Andrew truly makes studying for the CPA an easy experience. I can’t wait to study for the next three parts with him.

Stephanie Covington

I would highly recommend using Andrew for any of your testing needs. For me, with Andrew’s help, I’ve been able to pass the remaining three parts of my CPA test within three months. Andrew is very dedicated to his students by offering flexible times for study sessions and answering any questions I had no matter what hour I texted him. I loved that every study session before my exam, we always reviewed the most “known” topics at the time which helped reinforce those topics that are more than likely going to show up. However, what I’ve enjoyed the most when working with Andrew is his patience and his optimism. Having someone in your corner telling you, you got this come test time and even after taking the test really helped calm my nerves and gave me confidence to pass my exams.

Anthony Montenario

To become a Certified Public Accountant has been a career goal of mine ever since I graduated high school. Fast forward 5 years and my test taking began. I completely underestimated how difficult it actually was to become a CPA.  After failing the FAR exam 3 times I was considering my options and the possibility of a different career.  Luckily Andrew reached out to me on facebook and offered his services.  We started meeting once a week for 2 months leading up to the exam.   Sitting down for my fourth attempt at FAR felt different this time around, I felt so much more prepared.  My score reflected that, scoring an 82.  Andrew was the push I needed to overcome this difficult exam.  I am now proud to say that I am awaiting my final exam score before I officially become a CPA.  I couldn't be more thankful for Andrew's tutoring and I will recommend him to anyone on their CPA journey.

Eric Burley

I have had the immense pleasure of working with Andrew these past nine months. During this time, I have taken three of the CPA exams (Far, Aud, Reg) and have passed all three on the first try. I attribute a large part of this success to Andrew's tutoring. My first few weeks of studying were tough, and I knew I needed some extra guidance. I thought about purchasing some supplemental materials, but I did not feel as though they would help. Instead, I needed a real-life human being with experience to help me focus on the critical areas of the exam. Fortunately for me, that is what I found in Andrew.

Since working with Andrew, I have flown through the three most difficult exams and passed all three with a comfortable margin. He knows what sections of the CPA material are likely to be tested on, which allows you to spend your study hours more efficiently. For example, instead of wasting 6 hours on a unit with one question, he directs you to the sections with 8,9 MCQs or even a sim. This guidance alone has made it worth it to me. I have had multiple sims appear on my exams that Andrew told me would most likely be there. So, when I did get them on my exam, I felt prepared to complete them. Along with the guidance, Andrew comes in with a positive attitude every single session. He is eager to help you succeed and genuinely believes you can. Sometimes, it is so easy to get down on yourself while studying for this exam, and you need someone on your team. That person is Andrew; he motivates you to do your best, uplifts you and gives you the confidence to score well on exam day.

I cannot recommend Andrew highly enough. All prospective CPA students looking to better their scores and pass the exams should work with Andrew.


Dana Landress

 As a student who struggles with standardized testing, I really needed Andrew’s help to put me over the edge during my CPA journey. After passing Audit and BEC without trouble on my own, I reached out to Andrew for help with FAR and REG after failing each of them 3 times. With Andrew’s help on simulations and difficult topics, I gained the confidence and knowledge I needed to pass. Andrew made himself available for questions whenever I had them, gave me advice on how to approach the exam, and guided me through topics where I showed weakness. He even assigned homework to hold me accountable for studying while I worked full-time through an Audit busy season. I would absolutely recommend Andrew to anyone studying for the CPA exam.

Jennifer Brown

Andrew is very knowledgeable about which study program is best for each CPA exam. I failed BEC three times and learned that my current study software was lacking on key materials for the BEC exam. Andrew has been tutoring me for a few months and is very flexible and patient. He not only focuses on my weak areas, but also makes sure I refresh on other areas within BEC. His one-to-one online service is tailored for my needs to ensure I pass my exams. Will 100% utilize him for all four exams.

Gena Wilson

Andrew was an absolute lifesaver when it came to my FAR preparation. I was on a tight deadline, as I needed to pass my last exam (FAR) in order to make partner at PwC in June. Right away, I could tell he was different from everyone else I spoke with. He wasn?t trying to sell me on his services. He messaged me and literally just tried to help. That combined with the flock of people who use him in the groups made me immediately sign-up. Though we only worked for three 90 minute sessions, Andrew put an excellent strategy in place to help me pass within two weeks. He assessed my weak areas, checked in on me every day, and made sure I went over trending simulations. During the sessions, he made sure to tweak my process for answering the MCQs and reviewed the most difficult topics. I improved from a 66 to an 87 due to his help. If you're looking for a tutor; Look no further as he is the one to use!

Tamara Sugihara

I had reached out to Andrew after failing FAR twice. After my score dropped significantly the second time, I knew it was time to reach out. I needed to pass both FAR and AUD before my REG credit expired. Andrew was able to schedule a consultation and very quickly got me an appointment the following week. In the weeks between score release, we reviewed all major topics. He gave me hours of HW in between our sessions. Further, he was able to break down consolidations and governmental accounting in a way so that I could better grasp it and apply my knowledge to the questions. In the end, my score drastically improved within a three-week span. No wonder he's so popular!

Evan Zacharia

I was referred to Andrew by a co-worker at RSM who passed both REG and FAR in a short-time period with him after failing each exam three times. I had just failed REG and needed some help as my FAR credit was in danger of rolling off the following month. Andrew was quickly able to get me into his schedule. We had met several times before my exam and covered trending sims. He made sure I was fully integrated into his study process and gave me a lot of HW to ensure I mastered the concepts. I wound up passing all thanks to his help!

Mohammad Kazmi

I was struggling studying for my CPA exams until I started taking lessons with Andrew. He is very knowledgeable in all the subjects. He is very thorough in his explanations of the material and helped me grasp concepts I was struggling with whether it’s Audit or FAR. We would go over the material together and practice questions and simulated exams, breaking the questions down so you develop an understanding. He also provided feedback on areas where I was struggling and helped me at my own pace. He goes above and beyond to make sure you’re prepared before taking the exams.

John Deans

Andrew is truly phenomenal. I had a very short time period to prepare for my exam – about two weeks – and Andrew had me ready with my highest score on any portion of the CPA exam. He carved out extra time as needed. He pushed me outside of my comfort zone with methods I had not used to study for other sections of the exam. Andrew prioritized topics to focus on due to the time constraints. I highly recommend Andrew to anyone who needs someone who will go the extra mile for them in preparing for the CPA exam.

Steven Heshley

I was really struggling with the correct approach when it came to studying for the CPA test. I hadn’t passed REG after three attempts and couldn’t figure out where I was going wrong. In steps Andrew, he was fantastic from our initial contact all the way through test day. His approach is direct and focused. He can really zero in on each individual’s weak spots and makes them the focus of the 1-1 sessions and HW. He’s incredibly timely in text message responses and is available both day and night. I can’t wait to continue to work to passing my remaining 3 exams with Andrew and can honestly say, he was the difference in passing!

Alpana Patel

Hello Andrew, I would like to thank you for all your help during my final part. You were an instrumental part in the process, and words cannot describe the immense gratitude I have for you. You set up 1.5 hours once a week with me for a one-on-one zoom call to discuss difficult topic areas that were challenging. You provided guidance and tips that helped me pass my last part, BEC. We had three sessions, but those three sessions were so impactful that I learned more with your sessions than I did on my own just going through the lectures. We worked on problems together and you provided guidance if something was calculated incorrectly and explained the reasons why I should think of another way to complete the calculations. You also assigned homework and expected me to complete it all and to provide status updates to you. I believe having a live person to talk to and talk through problems and having someone to hold you accountable is helpful. It gave me extra motivation to push forward even if I was not getting the problem correct. I kept on practicing it until I got it. Finally, when the scores came, I was in disbelief and am very thankful to you for playing a part in my passing BEC. You are a rock start in my book!!!

 If ever, you need anything, please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you again. Warm regards,


Deanna Williams

Andrew tutored me for FAR. After failing with a 54 and my 18-month deadline quickly approaching, I was so thankful for his personalized approach. He reviewed my quiz scores daily and coached me through the simulations I needed the most work on. We met once a week for 90 minutes for three weeks. After each session, I continued to become more confident in the material and showed immense improvement in my progress test scores. Within the span of three weeks, I went from a 54 to a passing score. Andrew gave me the structure and confidence I needed to finish my last section and become a CPA (30 years after graduating with my accounting degree!).

Katherine Miller

I put off getting a tutor for a long time, but I am so thankful I finally decided to for REG! Andrew helped me drill the simulations I was struggling with and thoroughly answered every question I had. He is very attentive during sessions and kept me accountable by expecting studying updates every day. After each session, I became more confident with the complex material as Andrew broke it down into digestible pieces. Ultimately, I passed with an 81 after three prior failures. He is a helpful, knowledgeable resource for the exam, and I unequivocally recommend him!

Stacy Gross

I had reached out to Andrew as he given so many shoutouts in the BEC Facebook Group. BEC was my last exam, and I was struggling with the quantitative questions. Andrew provided a detailed study plan during our initial session. Over the course of three weeks, we reviewed financial management, cost accounting, and budgeting/variances in depth. I saw a huge improvement in both my understanding of the material and my practice test scores. After struggling to break a 75, I finally passed with a score in the 80s. Thank you Andrew!

Michelle L.

I came to Andrew as I desperately needed help. I had to pass BEC within the span of three weeks, as I was in danger of losing my FAR credit. I had a lukewarm experience with another tutor during my journey but had reached out to Andrew as he is given so much praise in the CPA groups. Within the span of six days, he got me up from a 52 to a 75. I was shocked! We went over trending writings, how to effectively navigate the simulations, and the most important MCQs.  A week before the exam, I called him so nervous and sad. He ran out of the shower to take my call. He truly cares about each candidate he tutors. Would not have been able to do this without him.

Kristina Renee

Andrew was so nice enough to reach out to me after I failed REG three times. My scores kept going up and up, but my current strategy wasn’t enough. We met the week before my exam for 2.5 hours and reviewed trending simulations. He was able to break down all the major concepts such as basis, liquidating/nonliquidating distributions, etc. He also continued to check in my progress each night to ensure I was on the right path when we were not in session. I got my highest score ever (on all four sections) because of him, an 81. Incredibly grateful.

Hannah Mason

I had struggled with FAR for such a long time that both my REG and BEC credits expired. I was on the verge of giving up but was fortunate enough to get connected with Andrew. We met once a week for 90 minutes over the course of a month. I really liked that he gave me a trending sim list which was our blueprint. We went over all the major topics, and he assigned me HW each week to ensure I was staying on track. He regularly checked in to see how I was doing, which I truly appreciated. I passed with a 76 and would not have been able to do so without his guidance. 

Shriteja Joshi

Thank you Andrew Lawrence Katz..!!
Collaborating with Andrew has been a great experience for me. He is of immense help in guiding me on how to approach, tackle and master simulations. I have been collaborating with him since my first subject of CPA. I completed FAR (92/100) and AUD (81/100) with him and right now I am working on BEC with his help and guidance. Andrew also has a really good idea of what are the key focus areas and helps you to channelize your focus on the right topics before approaching your exam. He takes daily followup on the stuff that is decided to be studied for each day and that helps me to stay on track. Overall, it's been a really amazing experience working with Andrew. Thank you, Andrew. We all hope the best for you..!

Madison Dettmann

Andrew is very well versed in the topics tested on the exams and has tons of experience working with test takers of all backgrounds and strengths/abilities. Andrew specifically has helped me with my speed of answering questions and knowing when to eliminate distracting information from questions. He is very devoted to seeing his students succeed and doesn’t sugar coat things to make you “feel good” along the way. He tells it to you straight and remains an unbiased third party doing his job. Andrew has also helped me gain a lot of confidence in my test taking abilities and is available as a resource pretty much 24/7. I am very pleased with how Andrew respects each of his students and he has gained my trust and respect as a result. I’d strongly recommend working with Andrew if you’re trying to get over the continued failing score hump! You won’t regret it.

Sarah Einbinder

Andrew is seriously the best tutor money can buy. He is not only completely professional, he goes above and beyond to solidify that you leave each session knowing more and being more confident than you came. He helped me gain 11 points on the FAR section of the CPA. I can confidentially said that I would not have gotten that without him. He also is very accommodating, any time there was a slight change in schedule or a problems scheduling, he always made it right. If you are thinking about using him, do it now!!

Craig Naggie

Andrew is an amazing tutor! Very flexible and patient with his students. After i failed Reg, i reached to Andrew for my retake. Within three weeks, i was able to passed Reg with an 15 points increase. He helped me by first looking at my score report, let me know what areas we need to focus on. During our weekly study sessions, he takes his time with explaining complex problems, (not only memorizing) and ensures that I understand the topics before moving on. If you are struggling with CPA exams, i recommend Andrew a 100%

Jaclyn Miller

The absolute best CPA tutor in the game, hands down. Andrew is SO extremely knowledgeable and literally knows all the information for the exam inside and out. I don't know how he does it, but it amazes me. Since meeting with him, I feel like I have a way better grasp on a lot of topics that had tripped me up before, because he explains them thoroughly in ways that a study program alone just can't. He's also fantastic at explaining how he would approach a question, whether it be a sim or MCQ, which is so helpful in understanding the topic/method and not just the specific question at hand.

I also can't speak positively enough about the dedication he has to his students. He tutors basically in *all* his free time, is always willing to help out with questions, and is phenomenal at keeping his students on track, accountable, and practicing what they need to be. And he does this because he wants students to succeed, truly, and you can tell that immediately when working with him.

Andrew is wonderful, and if you're even questioning whether getting a CPA tutor is worth it, the answer is yes, and Andrew is the BEST choice in my opinion and the opinion of all his students (seriously, we all have great things to say about him because he IS great)!

Natalia P.

Honestly would recommend tutoring with Andrew even if you can only make a couple sessions. He was so kind and helpful in narrowing down my weak points and helping me pass my last two exams that I failed numerous times studying on my own (AUD and REG). Always a text or call away when you have a question, not to mention he has a Facebook group answering questions for other students which helped me with questions I didn’t think I needed help with but actually did. The best part is he isn’t like other tutors that make you feel bad for not understanding, he takes the time to reassure you it’s a difficult test and explain topics in many different ways to help you understand better. Great guy would highly recommend!! But book in advance because he books up very quickly

Bailey Warrick

I was referred to Andrew by a couple other CPA candidates. Immediately upon meeting with Andrew he was able to identify my “weak areas” when it came to studying for FAR. Upon discovering my weak areas, he provided me with strategies to overcome them efficiently and effectively. Every time Andrew and I met, he always had an agenda in place. He would continuously provide me with areas to master before our next session. His organization and structure helped keep me on top of my cumulative review and strengthen my weak areas. Additionally, whenever I had a question on a concept, he continuously was able to explain not only the answer but also the “why” behind the answer which helped solidify my understanding rather than just memorizing. Andrew has an immense amount of knowledge in the accounting industry and not only is he reliable, but he is also extremely professional and supportive. Andrew helped me pass FAR and I am looking forward to working with him for the remainder of my CPA journey. Thank you, Andrew.

Rachel Stoia

Andrew is an incredible tutor! Thanks to him I was able to pass my Audit exam with an 84! This was my first section to take, and I was not confident in my study plan at all before meeting with Andrew. I didn't know where to begin and I had no way of telling whether I was prepared to take my exam. After meeting with Andrew, he gave me a clear idea of what I needed to do in order to succeed. These exams are tough and working full-time in public accounting doesn't make it easier, but I felt motivated by Andrew who gave me specific homework and problems to focus on every day. I never thought I would be able to make sense of some of the SIMS that now feel so much easier to me. I look forward to preparing for my next exams with Andrew!

Daniela Burciaga

Passed Audit with a 75! After 3 failed attempts and almost a year I am finally done with the audit section. I found out about Andrew Lawrence Katz after failing audit twice with a 69 and 68. After doing a tutoring session with him I made a 73 and we continued tutoring sessions to finally make a 75 in just 2 months! I work in tax and audit was very difficult for me to grasp but Andrew explained concepts that made it simple and easy to understand. Thanks to Andrew I passed audit and can finally move on to FAR!

Gurpreet Ubbu

I failed FAR and was completely stagnant with studying. I heard so many positive outcomes from tutoring with Andrew and it’s definitely true. Just within one hour, he easily identified my weakness and we started working them out. He’s constantly been able to help me understand topics that are not clicking and explains them in very simple terms (which is great with the amount of knowledge you have to grasp). The rate is not bad, I schedule once a week with him and he also gets booked fast but still tries to find time to schedule you in if you ask him which is unbelievable.
I can’t recommend Andrew enough for CPA tutoring.

Tibet Dycus

Andrew was a great tutor! He was very knowledgeable regarding the content and had an established plan for our scheduled tutoring session. He was kind when I was struggling with a concept but more than that I felt like he was a friend. He checked in on me (even when I was sick), and he seemed to genuinely care about my success. I would highly recommend using Andrew whether you are just starting the journey or prepping for the last exam. Andrew will give you the extra confidence to get it done!

Anansa Bailey

Andrew tutored me for the Audit section of the CPA Exam. Andrew helped me bring my score up 14 points to an 83.  Andrew showed me how do to targeted study sessions to increase my confidence with Task Based Simulations and improve my test time management. Andrew is very professional, prompt, knowledgeable and has a passion for helping students pass the CPA exam. If you are struggling with the CPA Exam, consider reaching out to Andrew.

Elizabeth Peterson

 Good day everyone! I passed FAR on my first attempt! I want to give you all a testimonial of my CPA Journey. In December 2021, I finally decided to stop "playing around" and go hard on my CPA studies. I reached out to Darius to see if he would tutor me. He got me in contact with Andrew. Literally, Andrew contacted me that day to discuss my goals and study habits. We sat down and made a plan of attack. I was open and honest to Andrew about my struggles with testing (Testing Anxiety) and how I just "forget" everything I study when I test. I also was up front with my PTSD (From many deployments as a Military Police) and how I am very hypervigilant of my surroundings. Andrew got me on a good plan and he made some valuable suggestions to help me overcome these fears. I am here today, having passed REG (after so many tries) and FAR (on my first attempt) thanks to Andrew! He has really been a lifesaver for me on my CPA journey. He has worked with me during the midnight hours (literally) with a crying toddler (my daughter doesn't like to sleep unless I am sleeping). I am confident I will pass BEC and AUD with Andrew. So Thank you Andrew for helping me with my studies and confidence!

Andrew is an amazing person and turtor! He helped me pass Reg after I took it 5 times! He is very patient and understanding of my struggles with testing anxiety! Even my daughter knows Andrew. She stays up with me during my tutoring session and he doesnt mind. He works with my schedule. Andrew....I love you and thank you for breathing life into my CPA journey!

Andre Colandone

Andrew was fantastic. We started the first session by running through several simulations. Anytime I had difficultly he would let me try and figure it out instead of just giving me the answer and then would help me work through it. For the next couple of sessions we did the same but also addressed my weaknesses which was really what helped hone in on where I needed to focus the final weeks of studying. The parts I was struggling with were the governmental and Not-For-Profit portion of FAR. I ended up passing with a nice score. Overall; Andrew was very attentive and able to squeeze me into his tight schedule.

Yushu Mao

Before meeting Andrew, I was struggling for FAR and was devastated by my sim and mc performance (avg 50%). I was at a point to almost give up until someone referred me to Andrew and I’m able to pass the far with a 81 in just 3 months.

From the initial meeting, Andrew told me there’s a long way ahead of me and I had to work hard to pass (which I didn’t think I put that much effort in). Andrew’s session compromised mostly on sims and comprehensive mc, but will adjust to you depending on which module is your weakness. He is very strict and will let you know your actual performance without fantasies it. He also doesn’t recommend how many tutoring hours you need and his rate is fairly cheap. He’s the only tutor that I know of teaches based off Becker material and didn’t required you to purchase extra material.

Please don’t give up on your cpa journey. If I can pass, you can definitely do it! Andrew will help you pull everything together.

Cassidy Cook

Andrew is the only reason why I have any hope of passing the CPA Exam. He is detailed, incredibly kind, flexible, and puts his students first. He is the easiest person to reach and gives you a concrete plan of how to pass the exam. You check in with him at least every 48 hours and give him updates which help keep you accountable. If you have not been successful on the exam by yourself, hiring Andrew is the best thing you can do for yourself. He will take whatever CPA course or courses you have and make them customizable and work for you.

Mindi Li

I'm currently working with Andrew to prepare for FAR CPA Exam. Andrew is very easy to work with. He is responsible, responsive and easy to communicate. He sends me text message and checks in with me to follow up during weekends. He's also very professional and knowledgeable. I had hard time understanding bonds and leases so I booked four sessions with him just for reviewing the MCQ and Sims. He explains bonds and leases so well. He taught me to how to use Excel to solve most bonds and leases problems. He makes complex questions easier to understand. Overall I found that he provides quality tutoring services during our sessions. I would highly recommend him for anyone is struggling to study for FAR.

Caroline Acker

Andrew is an amazing tutor! I struggled with the REG exam and after failing, I found Andrew who really helped me understand the material. Andrew especially helped me gain confidence with the SIMs from not even knowing where to start to knowing exactly how to approach each problem and gain those extra points I needed to pass. With my success with REG with the help of Andrew, he also helped me pass the FAR exam too. There’s a lot of material within the FAR exam which I found a little overwhelming. However, Andrew really helped me narrow down the major topics. Andrew really knows the material inside and out and will keep explaining any topic you don’t understand in different ways until it clicks. He is a great motivator and is always open to questions. Even with his busy schedule, he always found time to fit me in when I needed which I really appreciated! I can’t thank him enough for all his help!

Hannah Herrick

After taking my first AUD exam and receiving a score of 56, I knew it was time for a change. Andrew had been active in various CPA support groups and had encouraged anyone to reach out for help. I decided to take a leap of faith and contacted Andrew for my first session. I worked with Andrew for four weeks and he was able to help me bump my score from a 56 to an 80. My schedule is extremely busy working for a big 4, studying for grad school and wedding planning. Andrew understood my time constraints and tailored a plan specific to my schedule and lifestyle. He has been an absolute pleasure to work with and I would even consider him a friend. He worked with the study material I already had and checked in with me daily. During my retake period he made me feel like I was not alone in the process and increased my confidence. I will be utilizing his services as I continue to study and pass my remaining CPA exams. I highly recommend Andrew for those pursuing their CPA.

Trichelle Ekpe-George

If you're looking for a tutor who is knowledgeable, familiar with the commonly tested topics, and knows how to break concepts down to become easy to comprehend, then Andrew is your guy to schedule a tutor session with. When I met Andrew, I recently failed AUD by a few points and needed help to get over the hump. Andrew not only broke down the concepts but helped me to get over my fear of practicing SIMs. He was able to walkthrough questions/problems and help me to understand why certain answers were incorrect. Andrew was also invested in my success leading up to exam day and with his help I was able to pass AUD! Thank you Andrew for taking the time to tutor me to get over the AUD hump!

Brenna Royal

Andrew has been the lifeline I didn't know I needed. Not only is he a great CPA tutor, he's your biggest fan, and genuinely pushes to see all of his (many) students pass. The time he takes to personalize your study habits, strengths and weaknesses, just shows how much he cares and devotes his time to his students. Don't get me wrong; he will never sugarcoat things! He's exactly the kick you need to get into gear with studying. I'd recommend anyone struggling with the CPA exams to utilize Andrew to get them passing.

Sara Tinsley

I failed FAR 3 times. Each time my score got worse and worse. Andrew helped me identify my weaknesses and then set up an accountability plan and work it. We met weekly, worked problems and then I started getting practice scores I didn't think possible. He gave me the confidence I needed to pass. And I did!!! - Thanks again Andrew! I highly recommend his tutoring to help get through this monster!!

Jennifer Baird

Andrew is a great tutor. He is patient and kind, yet honest and gives you a push when you need it. He will take the time to explain answers to your questions and any confusion you have on the learning materials. I am sitting for my retake later this year, and I know that once Andrew gives me the a-okay to take the test, I will confidently be able to walk into the testing center, take the exam, and pass. It is evident on the group Facebook page that Andrew cares for each of his students, finds ways to connect with them, and makes this path he has chosen a priority. If you are looking for someone to be honest with you on your CPA exam journey, who can also help guide you through the material and get you to understanding the processes, Andrew is your guy!

Brody O'Niones

I reached out to Andrew after two failed FAR attempts. In hindsight, I wish I had reached out to him sooner. Although my exam prep material helped me identify my weak areas, it was Andrew who helped me turn those weaknesses into strengths. Beyond just answering my questions, Andrew worked through the problems with me. He explained how to approach each question and the different ways that question could be asked on the actual exam.

Neil Hiler

Andrew is an amazing tutor, plain and simple. You're not going to find anyone who is more knowledgeable about the CPA exam than him. If you are an accounting student and are going through the process of completing the CPA exam, he is an incredible resource. Through his unmatched knowledge, professionalism, and motivation that he provides; studying for the CPA exam becomes a much more manageable (and bearable) undertaking. Specifically, his attention to stay in contact with students between tutoring sessions throughout the week shows that he truly cares about his students and wants to do everything possible to get you to pass your exams. 🙂

Marc Agostino

Studying for months and falling short on my first ever CPA exam was quite demotivating. I always performed well in school and never thought I would be the one who wouldn't pass on my first attempt. After talking to my friend about what my next step should be, he recommended Andrew. This recommendation was game-changing advice. Andrew reviewed my score report with me diligently and provided helpful insight on what I should study to prepare for my second attempt. In only two sessions, my actual CPA score on FAR jumped from 71 to 81. For my second exam (AUD), we met 10-days out of my scheduled date. His assessment of my weak areas allowed me to focus on those areas during my final review week. Just found out about my score two weeks ago and passed AUD on my first try (80)! I Highly recommend using Andrew if you need help learning the material or want an honest assessment of your knowledge in heavily tested areas. I definitely will be working with Andrew on the rest of my CPA journey.

Alivia Bice

I reached out to Andrew when I was struggling with AUD and felt very hopeless in the CPA study journey. Not only did he help increase my score by over 20 points and pass AUD, He helped me gain confidence in myself as well. He genuinely cares about his students and is willing to go above and beyond to help you succeed . He answers my questions in a way I can understand by really breaking it down and makes sure I understand before moving on to the next question. I take away so much from my study sessions with Andrew. He plays a huge part in my study journey and I am not sure I could succeed without him. I know with the help of Andrew I will get through my final parts of the CPA exams with flying colors.