In our previous blog, we talked about why creating a study plan is a vital step in CPA exam preparation. With your NTS valid for a limited period of time, you have to schedule your exams quickly upon receiving them.

Therefore, you cannot waste any more time planning to start studying. You must make headway in preparations as soon as you decide to appear in the CPA exam. To put the best foot forward, you can sign up for a CPA tutoring online course like Andrew Katz Tutoring. They not only teach the syllabus and prepare you to face the exam but also provide a study plan tailored to your specific requirements.  

If you are clueless about how to create a study plan, read the following tips for it. 

Decide How Quickly you want to Pass

You are aware of the fact that you have to take the CPA Exam to obtain the certification, but how much time do you want to invest in passing the CPA Exam? Of course, you would aim to pass each section of the CPA Exam on the first attempt, but depending on your other commitments, job schedule, and current knowledge of the exam topic, you may require a more intense or more flexible CPA Exam study plan to do so.  

Since no two individuals are identical, you must devise a strategy that best meets your goals and personal preferences. If you are well-versed in accounting lessons covered on the CPA exam, you can go with an aggressive study plan wherein you can set a goal to pass all four sections in six months (the actual duration of your NTS validity).

On the other hand, if you have passed out of school for a while and require a revision on a variety of topics, you should develop a moderate study plan. Under this plan, you should aim to complete one section every calendar quarter and complete all four sections in less than a year.

 Collaborate with a Study Planner

Using an interactive study planner can make the process of CPA Exam study plan creation much easier. A completely dynamic study planner fits your lifestyle while streamlining your strategy for exam preparation.

 An online CPA exam review course by Andrew Katz Tutoring includes an interactive study plan outlining the due dates for each study unit along with the timeline for your final review. They customize the plan based on your preferences and the progress you make over time.

 Consider your Existing Routine

Having 168 hours a week, think about how you currently spend them. Create a generic weekly timetable to categorize all activities to which you dedicate your time. Calculate how many hours you work, attend classes, sleep, eat, exercise, clean, and relax each week.

Tally up the total hours for each activity and adjust your study plan to accommodate your CPA Exam preparations. After reviewing your habits on a daily and weekly basis, check your calendar for any crucial occasions coming up in the next six months to a year. Also, include all of your primary commitments in your study calendar because they will impact the amount of time you can study on the respective dates and maybe on the days around them.

Making a CPA Exam Study Plan

A CPA exam study plan enables you to overcome delays and stay motivated throughout preparations. However, to create and stick to a CPA Exam study plan, take the help of a professional study planner.

 Join Andrew Katz Tutoring to get a personalized study plan and review course to keep you on track. You get access to CPA tutor online sessions, in which your weak points are addressed, and that help you walk through the study material to ensure you have mastered each topic in time for your testing session.