Among the four different sections of the CPA exam, the FAR section is the most comprehensive one; it requires a lot of number-crunching. Covering the CPA study material will surely help, but that needs a well-created, strategic study plan.  

Tips for Passing the FAR CPA Exam

We have a few useful tips to help you create an effective study plan to pass the FAR exam.   

Consider Taking the FAR Exam ASAP

If you are a recent college graduate, taking the FAR test soon will be the smart choice. This is because the accounting studies you completed in the last years of school will help prepare you for this portion of the CPA exam (and the knowledge is still fresh in your mind). While in college, you are also a test-taking pro; therefore, taking FAR ASAP will ensure a high degree of test-taking skill.

Master Microsoft Excel Tool 

One of the most difficult aspects of the FAR exam is all the number-crunching, thus, mastering Microsoft Excel tool can really be helpful on exam day. You can solve arithmetic problems using a simple calculator or scratch paper, but Excel is a highly effective way to get through complex equations.

Review Governmental and Non-Profit Accounting 

You probably didn’t spend much time in college to learn governmental and not-for-profit accounting. But to pass the CPA FAR test, you must allocate extra time to review these topics in your study plan. But don’t be overwhelmed with the vast information; instead, focus on memorizing the various terms and revisiting the study material as needed.

Take Mock Tests for FAR Section 

Practice exams are one of the most crucial tools you should utilize to prepare for the FAR exam. Practice exams enable you to test your knowledge, apply your abilities, increase endurance, practice time management, and more. These examinations that imitate the exam interface will also help you become acquainted with the look and feel of the actual CPA exam. Being familiar with the exam pattern, you will feel more confident on the exam day.  

Self-care is Must 

Your extensive study routine must have a self-care program. You must also take care of yourself to set up for success on the FAR exam. Keep yourself hydrated, exercise, eat healthy meals, and get adequate sleep.

Don’t mind making a few short-term sacrifices if you are serious about obtaining your CPA certification but without compromising your well-being.

Final Thought!

FAR has the lowest pass rate of the 4 CPA exam sections, so you really need to pull out all the stops to be one of the 45% that pass. Taking the guesswork out of studying is as easy as using a high-quality CPA exam review course.

FAR has the lowest pass rate of the four CPA exam sections, but you can pave your road to success with an effective study plan. Andrew Katz Tutoring helps you create a personalized study plan based on your learning style. They provide comprehensive and updated CPA study material, so you never go off-track during preparation.