Passing the CPA exam is one of the real struggles a finance and accounting individual (aiming to become a Certified Professional Accountant) does in his career. However, most candidates realize their downside only when they fail the CPA exams. They then revisit their study plan or modify their routine. But how to pass the CPA exams on the first attempt itself? Well, here’s the right technique you may adopt to unlock your way to passing the exam.  

  1. Choose the right CPA review course

Choosing the right review course is the most critical decision you need to make when you want to become a CPA. This is part of your initial research work, so start searching for an ideal CPA review course that matches all your requirements. It may take hours or a few days to decide but make sure what you pick is the best one for you. You can make a comparative list comprising features of each review course. Don’t rush after just any review course, even if the perfect one cost a little high, bear the pain for some time for a rewarding result.

You can compare different courses based on what they offer- learning style, components like textbooks and e-books, multiple choice questions, practice tests, simulations, study material, etc. Remember, picking the right course will allow you to use your time effectively and efficiently, you will have a strong possibility of passing each section on the first attempt.

  1. Set a strong study schedule

Once you have decided to walk on the CPA path, you will have to distance yourself from family and societal gatherings until it is unavoidable, at least for the time you take your exams. Your family and friends are your well-wishers, so they will also respect your dedication. You need to set a strong schedule to streamline your study plan. Your schedule must include boundaries with your family, friends, and work, and protect your precious time to study and practice for CPA exams. Keep distractions like mobile phones away or switched off while studying, so you don’t waste time looking at and responding to emails, text messages or calls.  

Keep around 22 hours a week for studying, it should be on top of your schedule. Divide time for each section, practice session and class to keep your learning process smooth.

  1. Do not leave reviewing old material

If you will leave a topic for weeks and months, you are likely to forget 70% of the lessons. Retaining 30% would not be enough and useful in time. You can give a few hours a week to review old material along with learning new ones. Also, you can create a spreadsheet to keep track of reviewed chapters and scores. That way, you will have full control of things, and there will be no panicking situation, knowing you have covered and prepared everything.

  1. Don’t just memorize… develop an understanding

You may not get an identical question on the CPA exam, but you will see something similar. So, rather than focusing on memorizing answers, you should develop an understanding of the question. In the examination hall, when you see a question, ask yourself, “do I understand this” “why this is the correct answer and “do I have any other responses for this question?” This approach will especially be helpful for simulations where you have to answer questions completely based on your understanding.


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