With the forthcoming CPA Evolution and many other changes around the CPA exam, the criteria to choose the course offered by a tutor also needs to be upgraded, especially when you have plenty of choices available on the market. But what is the best way to choose your CPA tutor? For this, you must look for the course details as it can help determine which tutor can lead your way to success in passing the CPA exam.

Hence, to help you make the right decision, we have listed a few points you should check whether the course entails or not.

Based on CPA Evolution

Since the CPA Evolution is coming into effect from January 2024, it should be your first consideration to find the best tutor. This means the course offered by the tutor should be based on CPA Evolution. Starting in 2024, the CPA Exam will change from four core sections (BEC, FAR, AUD, and REG) to three core sections (FAR, AUD, and REG) and one Discipline section of three possibilities (BAR, ISC, and TCP).

This is the most significant modification to the CPA Exam in the last few years, and it impacts every section of the exam, so be sure the course you pick is updated. We recommend you choose a course that allows you to test the materials for all three Discipline sections before deciding on one, so you don’t have to pay for or be stuck with things you don’t need.

Skilled CPA Exam Tutor

The CPA Exam includes a wide range of complicated topics, and self-study may not provide the understanding or clarity required to pass the exam. It is critical to have a skilled CPA tutor like Andrew Katz to explain these concepts so you can understand them. This way, as you continue your preparation, you will have the necessary core knowledge and will be able to take the test with confidence.  

Offers Your Learning Style

The AICPA recommends 80 to 120 hours of study time for each section of the CPA Exam, for a total of 320 to 400 hours. Definitely, you would want to make the most of your study time with high-quality course material in the most effective way for your learning style.  

 Some students, for example, learn better through private tutoring sessions, while others may find group sessions more competitive and insightful when preparing for the CPA exam. Therefore, make sure the CPA course you are considering allows the flexibility to choose your own learning style.

Realistic Practice Tests

Practice tests and simulated exams set up are ideal methods for tracking your progress, focusing on your weak areas and reinforcing what you have learned. And, because the simulated exam has a nearly identical format to the “real” CPA Exam, you know what to expect and gain a familiarity with how you will perform on the exam. Look for a CPA preparation course that provides more than practice tests and allows you to tailor the experience so you can test in the most efficient way possible.  

Wrapping Up!

Considering the above factors, the best CPA tutor you can sign up for is Andrew Katz Tutoring. Here, not only you gain up-to-date courses for CPA preparation, but also your choice of learning style. Additionally, you get customized study plans and strategies along with one-on-one support and dedicated weekly check-ins. In fact, you can schedule a 15-minute session with Andrew Katz, a qualified CPA who passed all four sections on his first attempt with an average of 90. He utilizes his experience to guide candidates and offers personalized “gold standard” assistance to make the process easier for them.