When you choose to become a CPA in your career, it is essential to learn everything about it. You would perhaps start with finding the best tutor, material and mock test to prepare for the exam but researching how to schedule the exam will be last on your list. However, with four different sections of the CPA exam and each having different requirements, you must have an understanding of how to schedule your CPA exam.

While you may have started your preparation through CPA tutoring, this blog will help you learn the thorough process of scheduling your CPA exam.

To start with, let’s first find out what a CPA testing center is and its role in your exam process.

What is a CPA Testing Center?

CPA exam testing centers are run by the company Prometric. Like hundreds of other uniform professional exams, Prometric also conducts standardized CPA exams under timed circumstances at different CPA testing centers. This company, however, only manages the test administration; it makes no content-related contributions to the CPA exam.

 There are CPA testing centers in more than 160 countries; you can decide where you will take the CPA exam. Most importantly, you are not required to take the CPA exam in the state where you intend to work. To avoid any sort of inconvenience, likely to happen, due to changes in your plans, it is better to book one or two exams at a time.

Find the Nearest CPA Testing Center

To find your nearest exam center, first, visit the Prometric website. There you can select the suitable program (Universal CPA Exam) and then the test type, location (city or postcode) and your preferred exam date. When you click on the ‘submit’ button, you will see a map on your screen pointing to your nearest CPA testing centers. The no.1 pointer on the map will suggest the nearest CPA testing center. 

After choosing your CPA testing center, enter your selected test dates again to check if the CPA exam is offered then or not. Based on the availability, you will get open timeslots that you need to note because for booking you will be redirected to another page.  

Obtaining NTS- Notice to Schedule

The next step is to apply to the appropriate state board, which will evaluate your registration for the CPA exam to determine your eligibility to take the test. The majority of boards will have similar requirements, needing you to have earned at least 120 or 150 credit hours (depending on the state). Additionally, most boards will expect that your degree relates to the CPA license. (e.g., business, accounting, or finance).

If your application is accepted, you will receive NTS- Notice to Schedule (NTS), allowing you to sign up for the CPA test. The NTS is in the form of an Exam Section ID number that will be required when scheduling each CPA exam at a CPA testing center.

The crucial point to note here is that your NTS has an expiry date. Your first CPA exam has to be scheduled in six months, and you have 18 months to complete the full CPA exam. In case you don’t schedule your first CPA exam in the 6-month window, you may have to repay your exam fees.

How to Schedule a CPA Exam?

Booking a CPA exam is very easy with the ‘scheduling appointment’ feature on Prometric. The first & foremost thing you will be asked to do is check the test guidelines carefully before agreeing to Prometric’s privacy policy. 

You will then be required to submit your Exam Section ID i.e. NTS ID number and the first four letters of your last name. Upon entering the details, you will be directed to additional pages where you must enter the location and time of the CPA exam center.

Once you have decided when and where to take the CPA test, just press the “schedule” button. That’s it! Your exam is scheduled.

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