Becoming a Certified Public Accountant is certainly the most difficult career path every aspirant has to walk. One of the reasons why the CPA exam becomes tough is the extensive syllabus to prepare. Therefore, an ample amount of time is required to prepare for the CPA exams.

Considering these points, online learning platforms become a popular choice among candidates for the greater flexibility they offer.

For candidates preparing for the CPA exams being in a full-time or part-time job, every minute counts. Hence, doing CPA exam preparations online will allow you greater flexibility to juggle your profession, education, and personal life without the limitations of a fixed schedule.

Once you identify which online CPA course perfectly suits all your needs, you will be required to work on several other factors simultaneously. This will help ensure you are in the right direction to prepare for CPA exams.

Here are a few essential points you may follow while taking a CPA exam prep online course.

Choose reliable study material:

For CPA exams, there are AICPA-approved quality study materials and question banks available from renowned publishers. You can also find many online CPA exam prep programs offering authentic and reliable study materials. Choose one among them to drive your study plan with online CPA sessions you intend to attend.

Plan your study time:

Being in a full-time job, it is crucial to plan your time ahead of starting your preparation. You will have 18 months to pass all four sections of the CPA exams. Thus, you must create a time-based schedule that should include 30 hours a week for CPA exam prep and that should be in balanced coordination with online sessions in the course.

Practice and practice:

With hourly online sessions, you can practice sample questions to measure your progress during the preparations. Several courses conduct mock tests that are critical in understanding the real-time environment of the CPA exam. You can practice multiple-choice questions and simulations during the class as well as in your self-study time. This will help improve your knowledge and skills, preparing you well for the actual exam. Remember, the more you practice, the better your chances are to pass the exam.

Identify the learner in you:

If you are a tactile learner, the obvious choice would be the vast question banks, sample problems with varied difficulty levels, along with task-based simulations to go along the online CPA exam prep. On the other hand, if you are a visual learner, you will gain the most from video lectures and multimedia features with live online CPA classes.

Updated review course:

To deal with the online CPA course, make sure you choose a review course that is well-established and updated. It should also reflect the current requirements and syllabus of the exam that you will be taking. Having unlimited access to the study material is always a better choice.

Adaptive technology:

Adaptive technology assists you in identifying your strong and weak points. Knowing your weak areas through continual testing of knowledge allows you to significantly save study time by avoiding the repetitive study of things you already know. This is in addition to the preparation provided by online CPA course programs.

Read explanations for revision:

When taking the sample test, you should avoid skipping questions that appear difficult. It is pretty advantageous to examine each explanation both for correct and wrong responses from the course material and online CPA programs.

Summing Up!

Creating a strategic study plan aligned with the above tips and consistent attendance to online classes for CPA exam preparations can likely help you pass the exam on the first attempt. You can sign up for Andrew Katz Tutoring for CPA exam prep online course. They offer both private and group online sessions; join what suits you best. You can have a consultation call with Andrew Katz, the renowned CPA tutor, to set goals and clarify your needs before enrolling on the course.

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