There are many accounting professionals who wish to advance in their careers and choose the path to becoming a CPA or Certified Public Accountant. While becoming a CPA brings many benefits, the bitter truth is that passing the CPA exam is not an easy feat. It requires a combined strategy entailing your efforts, dedication and, of course, one of the best CPA exam tutors by your side.

If you’re planning to appear for the CPA exam, there are a few things you should employ to put the best foot forward.

Here’s how to get started.

  1. Schedule Your CPA Exam

The first and crucial step to passing the CPA exam is scheduling it. Without a set goal, you won’t have the motivation to move forward. So once you apply and pay the fee, schedule your exam. You may even find it daunting at the start; however, by following instructions, you can easily schedule your exam. Begin with visiting the testing center and select the center and the date you are willing to take the test.

Remember, the validity of NTS (Notice to Schedule) is six months only, so ideally, it is better to schedule your exam at least one month before.

  1. What’s your Learning Style?

Every candidate has a distinct style of learning. You should identify your learning style and what suits you best. For example, do you prefer studying alone for more concentration? In this case, you can go for private sessions. However, if you feel more motivated in a group, with a competitive environment, you can take group sessions. This is just one example, there are many other things, such as study material, your existing knowledge and skills.

You can seek help from Andrew Katz Tutoring, one of the best CPA exam tutors, to recognize your learning style.

  1. Take the Plunge Now

As soon as you have decided to appear in the CPA exam, start studying. Don’t waste your time waiting until the last minute to prepare. No matter how busy you are with your personal and professional commitments, plan your day in a manner that you get at least 2-3 hours every day to study for the CPA exam. Delaying your preparations will be the biggest roadblock on your way to passing the CPA exam. Simply put, the sooner you take the plunge, the better you will be prepared for the exam. Hence, your chances to pass the exam also get better.

  1. Practice is the key

Practice is the key to strengthening your preparations. Before sitting in the actual exams, take mock tests. This is the most ideal way to get familiar with the real exam format. Taking practice tests will help you understand the pattern, types of questions asked in the actual exam and effective time management strategies. It will also help you identify which section you should focus on to improve your passing score.

  1. Choose the Best CPA Tutor

Together with all the above processes, you should also consider signing up for a CPA exam review course offered by one of the best tutors. It will increase the chances of passing the exam with a good score. A review course can guide you through all the necessary details and requirements for the CPA exam. Moreover, you can get valuable study materials greatly helpful in scoring the exam.

You need to research and find the best tutor among the numerous options available. However, you have Andrew Katz Tutoring, the most recommended name for CPA exam preparations. Led by Andrew Katz, one of the best CPA exam tutors, you will get personalized gold assistance from him. He strives to bring out the best in his students to help them achieve success.