To achieve the desired result for the CPA exam, you have to put in a substantial amount of hard work, dedication, and focus. Having a private tutor means you get one-on-one attention and assistance tailored to your specific requirements. With a dedicated tutor, you will be able to understand and master the study resources and create plans in keeping with your professional and personal commitments.  Moreover, your private CPA exam tutor will help you identify your weak areas and eliminate those to prepare you for the exam.

There are several more ways a private tutor can help you maximize your chances of success. Let’s find them along.

Get a Deep Understanding of Material

Tutoring can help you enhance your knowledge of CPA study material. A private tutor offers personalized teaching along with guidance and feedback tailored to your performance. They help you get the most out of your CPA exam preparation. Working with a competent and experienced tutor may offer you an in-depth look at the content, allowing you to gain a deep understanding of topics. A tutor may also provide essential guidance on how to effectively manage your time and various tools you need to pass the CPA exam. By working with a private tutor, you may develop the confidence and knowledge required to pass the CPA exam

Master Difficult Topics

With complicated topics and so much to study, it would be beneficial to seek the guidance of an experienced private tutor for the CPA Exam. A private tutor may assist you in developing an efficient study plan and advising you on the best approach to take the exam. A tutor can also give personalized teaching and feedback to support you in mastering difficult topics. With the assistance of an expert CPA Exam tutor like Andrew Katz, you can obtain the confidence and abilities necessary to maximize your preparation efforts and achieve success on the CPA Exam.

Keep a Check on your Progress

A private tutor offers individual attention and specialized instructions to fit your unique requirements. Tutors may assist you in identifying the areas you must focus on and developing strategies to help you progress. They can help you comprehend tough concepts, prepare through mock tests, and provide feedback on your performance. A private tutor can also help you develop test-taking strategies and time management skills instrumental in passing the CPA exam.


A competent CPA Exam private tutor is an excellent resource for individuals aiming to excel in the CPA exam, and that one tutor is Andrew Katz. He provides gold-standard personalized assistance on study approaches and strategies while staying motivated throughout the session. You can opt for between 60 minutes or 90 minutes private sessions offered by Andrew Katz Tutoring based on your requirements.