When you decide to prepare for the CPA exam, there are several different aspects involved in the process that you have to consider. Among them, the most crucial one is – CPA tutor. You may wonder whether they are really needed. Will self-preparation won’t be enough? Many believe solving MCQs, and online handy resources are enough to pass the exam.

However, there are some situations in which working with a CPA tutor makes sense since they can provide some key information that online study material or video lectures cannot. 

A tutor like Andrew Katz can answer your specific questions, give in-person feedback, and assist you through your typical circumstances.  

There are so many ways a tutor can help. In this blog, we will discuss them one by one, and will also suggest the best CPA tutoring for your preparation. 

You are a People Person

Different individuals learn the best in different ways. One of the major distinctions is between grasping information from a book or screen contrary to communicating with a person. If you prefer the latter, a tutor can be valuable to you.  

You are a Bit Rusty

If you have passed out of school for a long and haven’t had to exercise the muscles dedicated to particular courses, getting the best CPA tutor could be a smart choice. Regaining the lessons may need more time and effort than a course review alone can supply. And for the CPA exam preparation, time management is the most important element. Hence, working with a tutor can help improve and accelerate regaining knowledge since they can identify where you need assistance and how to proceed.

Takes You One Section Closer to Success

Is it just one section that you are having difficulties with? If you are unable to overcome this obstacle, a CPA tutor would be of great help. 

For example, Andrew Katz CPA tutor can provide a concept outside perspective on the problem and tailor a specific solution to get you over the hump.

They Can Assist You in Your Writing

The BEC component includes three essay questions that assess your grammar, punctuation, and ability to express yourself effectively. Usually, accountants aren’t very smart with their writing skills, so tutors can help navigate this issue. A book or a video lesson cannot provide feedback or input on your work, and suggestions for improvement.

Stay Motivated All the Time

Those who have taken the CPA exam understand how difficult motivation and distraction can be. Simply put, books and videos can’t badger you to log off social media and practice some MCQs, but a tutor can. Solving task-based simulations cannot applaud and inspire you when required. On the other hand, an experienced human tutor in front of you can assist and motivate you in ways that a CPA review course cannot.

Andrew Katz- The Best CPA Tutor

Ultimately, having a human tutor by your side is all about getting assistance for your specific issues related to CPA exam preparation. Hence, Andrew Katz offers the best CPA tutoring to his students with gold-standard personalized assistance. He employs a comprehensive approach to bring out the best in his students and help them pass the CPA exam. As a CPA, he understands the challenges of passing the exam, thus, his goal is to make the process easier for candidates taking the CPA exam.