We all are familiar with the significance of CPA in accounting. Being one of the highest credentials across the world, earning this gold standard certification requires strong effort. Over the decades, the passing rate of the CPA exam has been around only 50%, which means many candidates couldn’t make it to pass the exam and have to keep working hard. This is a reason why professionals and students from the accounting and finance fields look for the best CPA tutoring to ensure they are on the right track to taking the exam.

While the study plan provided by the review program can be a powerful tool for CPA exam preparations, you can also add the following practices and approaches to downturn failures and gear toward success.


It is true that anxiety during exams is inevitable but don’t let it overpower and ruin your scorecard. In case you fail to crack the CPA exam, do not get stressed. Rather take failure positively; as a step to understanding what went wrong. It will help you gain the next level of confidence. The best way to overcome this obstacle is to take real-time mock tests conducted by the CPA tutoring you have signed up for.


CPA study material is vast, and one needs to have a good command of it. But it doesn’t mean cramming the material, it could have a negative impact. The CPA syllabus is about logical reasoning and calculations. In fact, there are multiple-choice questions (MCQs) in the CPA exams that have options closely connected. Moreover, there are tricky simulations that you have to answer with your analytical and computing skills. So, you cannot flick through the setting, which can lead to extreme failure.

Time Management

In the CPA exam, time management is the most vital element to ensure your success. Remember, every minute counts in the exhausting CPA exam. This is a key skill you need to practice right through your preparations. Initially, you may find it difficult to balance your study plan and personal life, but CPA tutoring can provide you with the best tips to overcome this challenge. A meticulous timetable can help you get clarity about how much time you can spend on each section of the exam.

Exam Scheduling

CPA course typically stretches for 18 months, and you cannot take exams randomly. You can schedule your exams as per your level of preparation and convenience at any time of the year. However, taking a break after one section hardly leads to success. Therefore it is recommended to take the exam continuously as it allows candidates to reappear for an exam if they fail.

You can better prepare a smart plan to underline which section among AUD, FAR, REG and BEC, you would take first and so on. You can work with your CPA tutor who can help you create a schedule by understanding the importance of each section.


No matter how tough is to pass the CPA exams, earning the CPA credential is a dream for many professionals and students worldwide. Therefore, you have to make sure that you are fully armed before you jump into the battleground. For this, you need the right guidance and that is possible by choosing the best CPA tutoring- Andrew Katz Tutoring.

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